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#sexy #blonde with a #hairy #bush #pussy and beautiful #eyes #tits

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How to attend a sex party

At some point in time, every person, man or woman, desires to attend a wild sex party. A lot of people would be thinking, what about all those secret house parties we’ve been attending since our college years, that eventually turned out to be just sex fun? Were they not sex parties? Let’s face the reality, the adult sex parties are way more wild and erotic than you would ever think of as a college student. In fact, there are only a few confined places that organize such kind of parties and if you wish to get invited you would need to first obtain membership to such places.

How To Score An Invite

The first and foremost thing that you should know before looking for places where sex parties are organized, is to make sure you are already prepared to get into the wild side of sex. It is sure an adventurous experience, but you should be mentally prepared to meet all kinds of people, with different interests. You should be aware of your sexual needs and requirements as well, to find out the right type of sex party for you.

Google is the first place to search “Where the sex parties at?” Sites like allow you to check out the party groups and events taking place in your region. Whether you are in your home town or traveling abroad, with just a few clicks you can find the details and information on parties taking place around you. You can also get in touch with people sharing same interests in the community through such sites.

But here’s the catch: A single guy looking for a sex party may not be able to get much opportunities as compared to couples adopting the swinging lifestyle. Most of the adult-only parties only focus on married couples, though there are a few exceptions.

Here are top five tips on attending a sex party:

1. Avoid Going To Any Sex Party

First of all, it is not at all recommended to go to any sex party that you come across. You must maintain a standard to make sure you don’t end up regretting your decision. The need to be sure of all the factors before signing in is utmost important, especially if you have got a female company. A good sex party means you have all the rights to say and do whatever you feel is right.

2. Take A Date Along

Not many parties would allow you to enter the premise without a good date, single men are mostly avoided in such parties, but there are many events that organize special sex parties for females, who are not comfortable with having combined fun. Also, maximum sex parties entertain couples, who are either married or staying together from a long time. Such parties are also known as swinger parties.

3. Both Partners Should Be Equally Prepared

If you’re going with a partner, it is always better to have an open conversation with each other to make sure none of you feel awkward at the party. Just make sure you both are equally willing about the whole concept of sex party. You already know, your wildest of wild dreams can come true here.

4. Avoid Drinking Too Much

We all know it is impossible to resist drinks at such parties. Some don’t even realize how just a couple of drinks lead them to do havoc things. All you need to make sure that you go light so you don’t regret your actions next morning. Plus, indulging into over drinking is also not allowed in most sex parties.

5. Be Clear About Your Intentions

Sure you are here to explore your sexual fantasies and meet new people sharing common interests. But, you would need to make sure that you are clear about what you are looking for at such parties. You may find people interested in threesomes, foursomes, or even same sex actions. Talk about your needs to people who approach you and make sure that you are getting what you want. If you think the other person has different interests, be polite and turn down the offer with sophistication.

So, now that you are already aware of all the aspects of a sex party, why don’t you give it a try? Talk to your partner and see if he or she is equally willing to participate in such adventurous trips.

I did NOT write this either, but I’m telling you, some MFers out there need some f&cking ettiquette when it comes to how to behave at a sex party. GRR! So here’s this article. As always, your comments, sharing, adding tips, info and tales of your own are appreciated!

top swingers websites

The 3 top swingers websites review are definitely worth your while to read and review. When looking for like minded couples to enjoy the lifestyle it is wise to look at the facts.

There are several swingers websites on the world wide web and they range from dating, to travel, nude resorts even swingers dictionary. The first review is a swingers dating website

  • About SwingLifeStyleSwingLifeStyle, or better known in the swinger community as “SLS,” is the grand daddy of all swinger sites — the one that started over a decade ago and revered as the largest site of its kind, bar none. What separates this site from others is that it is a free swingers dating website where couples can connect with other couples in the lifestyle. Whats more is the website offers:
  • Swinger Club ListingsSLS has swinger clubs based on the state you live in. The simple to use map of the United States is user friendly. Simply click on a location to find a local swinger club.
  • Swinger Couples: Since SLS is the largest swingers dating site, it is no surprise that there are the most couples on this site too. Whatever fetish you are in to, you can probably find a a couple to play with.
  • Swinger Stories: SLS offers probably one of the most complete listing of erotic stories available, ranging form swinger stories to romantic and female dominant to name a few. There are a total of 30 different categories with literally thousands of stories.
  • Swinger PartiesThis is great for couples looking for a swinger party near them, with an up to the minute posting of parties nationwide and in local areas. Usually hundreds of listings daily.

In closing, SLS is a great site for your dating and partying needs within the Lifestyle.

For Lifestyle couples or single swingers some like to keep updated with the adult travel and nude aspect there is a site called Topless Travel.

  • About Topless Travel: Topless Travel facilitates travel events specifically for couples in the swinging lifestyle. Their staff has 15 years of experience in the “Lifestyle” travel industry. They have, not only created specialty trips to the usual swinger destinations, but new and exciting events in unique “Main Stream” destinations that are “lifestyle friendly” and are conducive to meeting the “locals” to play with.
  • Swinger Resorts: Topless Travel offers great clothing optional resorts and a great price. Since the entire resort is clothing optional, you can feel as free as you want, anywhere, any time. The resorts offer an oasis of luxury in an unspoiled environment, where coconut palms sway by day and Clubs rocks by night.
  • Swinger CruisesImagine what happens when you take over an entire cruise ship and dedicate it to lifestyle couples? From the warm waters of the Caribbean, to the spectacular scenery along the Mexican Riviera, to the captivating views of Alaska, to the exotic outreach of the Galapagos Islands, these cruises will stimulate your mind and body.
  • Swinger ConventionsTopless Travel only offers the biggest swinger conventions so you can get your money’s worth. The Lifestyle is coming back to Las Vegas as Vegas Exchange! Exchange Playmates, Exchange Ideas, Exchange Everything! It includes international parties and an annual convention. Get more information on the world’s only Lifestyle holiday and register for the convention today.

For those looking for an adult holiday, now is the time to look into Topless Travel for all of your adult travel needs.

The final site is for those who want to talk like a swinger, or better yet understand the swinger lingo and terminology. Yes there is a Swinger Dictionary and yes this is the name of the site.

  • About Swinger Dictionary: This site has the biggest swinger terminology on the internet. Although the site is not much to look at, it is very user friendly broken into 4 parts really. The first part is the swingers dictionary tab, a swinging terms tab and an alphabetical listing. If you don’t know where to start or are new to the Lifestyle, try clicking the swinging terms, this has a list of all the terms ascending. If you know the term you are searching for, they offer a convenient A-Z directory.

Now that you have a review on the top swinger dating site and the top swinger travel site, it’s time you join a swingers dating site, book a vacation and don’t forget to visit the swinger directory so you can talk like a pro.

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#nwsfw #blonde #young #pale #tits #boobs #pussy #sexy

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Gorgeous, beautiful, HUGE, round #BOOBS! #nipples #tits

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OMG I love this BBC!! Jessa

I’ve never met him, but that IS a nice #cock! #bbc


OMG I love this BBC!! Jessa

I’ve never met him, but that IS a nice #cock! #bbc

4 tips on how to make a cuckold relationship work

cuckold relationship can often throw up a number of challenges, and this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. The relationship involves one member of the partnership, usually the male, watching, or knowing about his partner having sexual relations outside of the relationship. A cuckold relationship will often be one that is based on trust, intimacy and loyalty. Although a cuckold relationship can be difficult, it can sometimes strengthen the bond between the couple. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of a cuckold relationship. Read more: [What Is A Cuckold Relationship?]

1. Carry out the practice in the correct manner

Many cuckold relationships involve a married couple who are both trusting of each other. The male will often get sexually aroused by watching or knowing about his partner having sexual relations with other people. There needs to be a level of trust and intimacy to start with in a cuckold relationship. The practice is never a good idea if the relationship is already having problems or there are deep-seated trust issues. There is a risk that the relationship could break down if these issues are not addressed first. The couple will need to discuss whether having a cuckold relationship is right for them and they may reach this decision based on a number of different factors, such as how long they have been together, the level of trust they have, and the state of their current sex life.

2. Be loyal

A couple involved in a cuckold relationship will need to remain loyal to each other and the practice should never be used as an excuse for one partner to get out of a loveless marriage, or if a relationship that is breaking down. Each partner will need to convince the other that the practice is strictly sexual, and that emotions should be left to one side. The husband may fear his wife will develop an emotional relationship with the third party, and this will also need to be addressed before the practice takes place. Cuckoldry should be seen a normal, healthy sexual fetish and not something that will damage the lives of anyone who wants to take part in the act. Individuals will need to have a certain level of self-esteem and confidence and be secure in their own relationship to differentiate between the sexual act and any emotional aspect of the practice. Before taking part in cuckoldry, both partners will need to sit down and have a long and frank discussion about what they want to get out of the act, whether they have any concerns, what the practice will entail, and whether there will be any long-lasting effect on the future of the relationship. Read more:[ Cuckold lifestyle: Statistics show the lifestyle is on the rise]

3. Keep it fun

During the act or after the act has taken place, there should be no feelings of betrayal or guilt. The cuckold couple should see their relationship as one that is sexually varied and open to experimentation, rather than one that is sinful or shameful. Perhaps it would be good to equate the practice to a hobby or interest rather than a way of life. There will be more components to a cuckold couple than just sex, and there will be a number of foundations on which the relationship is based on such as trust, loyalty, and devotion, which will take precedence over any sexual act.

4. Be safe

Once a couple has decided that they want to partake in cuckoldry, they will then have to choose a third party. In most cases it is the women who will be having sexual relations with a different partner, and she must make sure that she is completely comfortable with her new partner. The couple will need to choose a third party that they can trust. This can either be someone that the couple knows or someone they have met on a swingers website where they will be able to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy threesomes and foursomes. It is advisable that all three members of the party discuss what they want to get out of the sexual act, either in person, or online, and whether there are any pre-requisites or general dos and don’t s. This can help to ease the mind of everyone involved, allowing them to enjoy the practice much more. Communication is a very important aspect of the cuckold relationship, and all issues will need to be addressed before anything develops. If you are looking to meet other people and be discrete, some visit swinger websites online like to keep everything on the down low.



Statistics on a growing trend: Watching your wife have sex with another man

Why would one want to watch their wife have sex with another man? In 99% of the cases of wife sharing that is researched, it is the husband who had proposed the idea in the first place. Very rarely will you find a woman who chooses to take this route on her own. Although there are varied reasons why this is the case, I did plenty of research in an attempt to zero in to 3 major reasons why men would be interested in watching their wives have sexual intercourse with another man.

The porn mindset

Let’s face it; we live in a society where people are exposed to porn materials at an early stage of life – college and high school. Now instead of watching some anonymous porn actress in a blue movie, why not watch your beautiful wife in a real life setting instead? It is this thought that drives many a man to convince their wives to sleep with other men as they watch.

Sweetest taboo

Have you ever asked yourself why sex in college seemed sweeter than sex in your matrimonial bed? It is because of the thrill and uniqueness that comes with it. It is this “missing thrill” in marriages that couples seek to restore by taking part in wife-sharing events. According to a publication entitled “Today’s Alternative Marriage Styles: The Case of Swingers” by Dr. Curtis Bergstrand (Bellarmine University) 62.6% of couples found that wife-sharing improved their relationship as compared to 1.7% who said they became less happy.

Sexual orientation

Some men naturally like watching other men sleeping with women. In most cases, such habits are propelled by male bisexuality. In Goodman Hallie’s book “Happily Married Swingers”, narrates the story of Eric, a man who says that watching his wife (Janet) sleeping with a stripper for hire was an instant turn-on. The urge to share wives and watch them sleep with another man seems to be in the DNA of some men – in this context.

Online research showed a significant number of men who shared their wives on the following basis:

  • To ensure that their wives were sexually satisfied
  • Physical health issues that affect the man’s libido
  • Financial reasons e.g. when a man allows his wife to sleep with another man for a fee

Benefits of Wife Sharing -It is part of our history and heritage

Wife sharing isn’t new. Some accounts of history show that wife sharing had gained immense popularity in the 60’s and 70’s as people started looking at it as a means of spicing up their love. However, due to some social norms that existed then, it had occasionally been associated with fringe aspects of society.

Happier marriages

Most people around America and the world at large find sharing their wives quite effective in livening up their marriage lives. According to the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality (Year 2000), nearly 2/3 of swingers are comfortable with what they do adding that they enjoy their partners more. Interestingly, these people who enjoy watching their wives make out with another man hardly ever jealous when doing so.

More trust

The same study by Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality also confirmed that men who share their wives are less likely to fear being cheated on. This is because the wife-sharing activities that they engage in are regulated with each other’s permission. In fact, most people find sharing better from an ethical perspective than cheating.

The society is gradually accepting it

The habit of wife-sharing has grown exponentially over the last 3 decades or so. Today, we have seen the emergence of globally recognition organizations whose main role is to coordinate facilitate hassle-free sharing of wives. Many websites that specialize in wife-sharing activities like SwingLifeStyle, are coming up some offering cruises, vacation events and cruises. With respect to this trend, it is crystal clear that wife sharing is no longer a taboo nowadays. It is a social habit that is more accepted everywhere nowadays.

This is a great article and I’ll quote it here in case the article gets removed or the site taken down. It’s informative and I’d love to hear your feedback.